What to bring on your summer picnic

Don't be a toxic environmentalist

These are our favorite products to add that cottage-core aesthetic to your summer picnic.

1. Red Gingham Beeswax Wraps

Okay, you could really go with any beeswax wraps you have, but we like the gingham print for that classic summer look.

2. Lunch Tray

If having a cheese plate sounds bougie (in a good way) and fun but it's way too much effort, then our gold portable cheese plate/lunch tray is for you! But seriously, it's really convenient to have separated compartments and a secure lid. You can also throw this in your cooler!

3. Thrifted picnic basket

You can definitely get one from target or anywhere else but the cutest/cheapest ones will be from the thrift store. If you can't thrift one. Etsy has tons of cute options but remember that because they're bulky, they'll be expensive to ship.

4. Great Food

This is without a doubt the most important item(s) on this list. Grapes are essential. Blood oranges are beautiful if you can find them, but let's talk about cheese. We think the best cheeses for your cheese board are Manchego, Brie, Goat Cheese (bring honey to go with this!), Gruyere and Gouda. Blue Cheese is a little divisive but hey, go for it!

* Disclaimer: this list is obviously not comprehensive because we failed to mention wine. Don't forget wine!