Don't be a toxic environmentalist

Don't be a toxic environmentalist

It can be so easy to see the faults in our feeble attempt to reduce our environmental impact. It's good to see those faults and to do better. It's good also to to be proud of the things you do accomplish in in pursuit of that goal.

Shaming ourselves or others isn't effective. Real change comes from bringing everyone into the fold and empowering one another to do our best. 



  • "Being vegetarian isn't good enough, you should be vegan."
  • "You know almond milk is bad for the environment too. You should drink oat milk."
  • "Everything is bad for the environment so why bother."
  • "I'm going to start meatless Monday."
  • "I'll bike to work once per week."
  • "I forgot my reusable coffee cup, but I'll ask for no lid."
  • "I bought package free produce from the farmers market this week."